About Aria Saffron

Saffron is known as "The King of Spices," which is made from the dried stigmas of the flower species crocus. Over 70,000 flowers are required to yield 1 lb. of saffron. This premium quality Saffron has been produced by hand-picked selections of best flowers. The durable packaging makes this item a great gift to your beloved ones or for personal use which will last for months... Best Taste, Aroma, and Natural Color.

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Aria Saffron - The Best Taste, Aroma and Natural Color

What Our Valued Customers Say

  • I was very pleased with this product. It appears to be full strength, and wonderful taste. I am pleased to have discovered this wonderful spice.

    PJ M.
  • Excellent saffron with great aroma, color, and flavor. In my opinion the best saffron sold online! Next time I will try to post a photo of my rice using Aria saffron. Great buy.

    Ronak L.
  • Amazing quality and I also love the packaging. If you want amazing Saffron get this the quality is exceptional.

    Kismet A.
  • Fantastic, flavorful saffron at a great price – Arrived fast and the package even included a small free gift calendar. The saffron is fragrant and has a nice rich color. It comes in a decorated container and could be sent as a gift.  I use a lot of saffron and will be back.

    Laura K.
  • Classy packaging and excellent quality saffron. This is one of my favorites in my pantry, because it looks so pretty. I use it to make the yellow rice with almonds. I love how the flavor and color is strong so you only need a small number of strands per recipe, making this item last a long time.

    Lisa G.
  • This is the best online saffron I have yet found. I am the personal chef in a household that favors Ayurvedic (Indian health food) cuisine. It is strong enough that I can use less, a great feature in this rare, wonderful, and expensive spice. It also seems to have a darker hue in the finished dishes. The container is beautiful and forms a tight seal.

    DrTwinky E.
  • We've been nervous about saffron sourcing after getting some poor quality saffron from other vendors the last few years. But Aria saffron is very high quality. It has great color, powders beautifully, and provides excellent flavor/aroma. We use it in Swedish Christmas baking and the results are as good or better than any saffron we've used.

    Sean M.

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